Daniel Monks cast in ‘Wilco’

_DSC1253 Colour Pscreen

Daniel Monks photo: Marnya Roth

Wilco is a short drama set in 1942 and tells the story of Peter, a disabled man who prepares to live alone when his carer and secret lover, Frank, is conscripted to World War II.

Actor/writer Daniel Monks has recently been cast as Peter and will work with Director Laura Nagy on the short film.

We spoke to Daniel just after he closed his performance as Joseph Merrick in Matthew Lutton’s production of The Real and Imagined History of The Elephant Man. Daniel is soon travelling to the Busan International Film Festival where his feature film Pulse will have its international premiere, and has been nominated for the Flash Forward award.


WGP: What part of the filmmaking process do you enjoy the most?

DM: For me, there is nothing better than being on set, between action & cut. You can prepare all you want, and I love the dreaming & exploration that comes with the preparation, but once you’re on set, it all becomes real, and there’s something incredibly scary, thrilling & addictive about that.

WGP: What attracted you to the role of Peter?

DM: First and foremost, the fact that he feels like a complex, flawed, real human being, which isn’t always the case for characters who have disabilities. I strongly identify with his struggle for independence, and admire his courage to fight for what he needs and what he loves, in spite of the consequences. I feel honoured to be able to play him, and hope I will do him justice.

WGP: You’ve worked with director Laura Nagy on projects before, how would you describe her style?

DM: Laura has such a rich, evocative, textural style, which really invites audiences into the worlds of her characters. The level of detail in her work brings such authenticity to her films, and I’m really excited to see her bring this beautiful script to life. It feels like the perfect marriage of director & material.

Wilco will shoot in 2018. You can hear about the film’s progress by following Wintergarden Pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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