Shakespeare, podcasts and ‘The West Wing’

George Kemp 2

George Kemp

Gay Panic is Wintergarden Pictures’ podcast about LGBTQIA life and culture. Each episode features a guest who discusses their life and interests with the podcast host, Tim Spencer.

Sydney based actor and writer George Kemp is the very first guest on Gay Panic. We caught up with George in Melbourne where he is currently performing with New Zealand’s The Pop Up Globe in As You Like It and Henry V.



WGP: Why do you think podcasts have become so popular in the past 10 years?

GK: I think podcasts have become so popular for various reasons. Firstly, accessibility. As a free and very accessible medium, it’s so easy to download wonderful stories straight to your ear ready for a train to work, a plane ride, a walk, a long drive. Secondly, the sheer breadth of topic. Whatever your interest, and no matter how niche, there is a podcast for you. My fave at the moment is West Wing Weekly which is a recap and discussion of every episode of The West Wing! #nerdalert

WGP: How do you think a pod cast like Gay Panic could contribute to the LGBTQIA community?

GK: I think that Gay Panic is extremely important to the LGBTQIA community. For young people, especially in non-urban environments or without a supportive network around them, Gay Panic allows them to hear stories and conversations relating to them in a private forum. They have the opportunity to hear conversations that they may not be able to openly have themselves at an important and formative time in their lives. Also, in this time of misinformation and fear in the Australian LGBTQIA community, it can provide solace and colour amongst the white noise. 

George’s episode of Gay Panic will be available very soon. If you are LGBTQIA identifying and would like to tell your story, we would love to hear from you. We are very interested in talking to as many people as possible to celebrate the diversity within our community.

Don’t worry if you’re not living in Sydney – was can record you anywhere! Contact us here and let us know a little about yourself.

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