Wintergarden Pictures found its name very close to home

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The Wintergarden Picture Show entertained the residents of The Entrance, NSW during the difficult years of the 1920s. Tim Spencer’s grandmother, Pearl, would watch the films from the side of the stage, whilst lying in bed with her young siblings. From this vantage point, Pearl would see the films of the golden age of cinema up close – and slightly to the left.

Pearl’s parents bought the picture show in 1923 and ran it with the help of their older children. Pearl’s older brother operated the projector and her sister played the pianola during the silent films.

Although the Fairhall family sold the business after a few years, ‘the flicks’ would continue to delight Pearl. She shared movies with her children and grandchildren, and told them about her memories of her parent’s picture show.

At Wintergarden Pictures, we hope to carry on this passion for film and storytelling, and create screen content that excites and entertains for generations to come.