Scout’s Honour


Rosie Braye, Joshua Longhurst and Tim Spencer (and Wombat’s wombat)

Last weekend, Wintergarden Pictures took a full company excursion to Young, NSW to scout locations for the short film Cherry Season. With over six locations required, Director Joshua Longhurst and Director of Photography Emma Paine searched the town to find the perfect places to tell the story.

For Joshua, who grew up in Young, the trip was a chance to use his innate connection to the town to find unique spaces that express the emotion of the scenes. “Young is a distinctive place that is full of rugged charm,” he noted, “as filmmakers, we are spoilt for choice when looking for locations full of character and colour.”

IMG_1597 (1)

Joshua Longhurst and Emma Paine

Cherry Season uses the small town location as a character in itself. From the local supermarket to the last roadhouse before the highway, the audience will go on a tour of Young as Shantelle searches for her sister, Tamara. Her journey begins in the afternoon and progresses into the night, which presents a perfect opportunity to showcase a country sunset (weather permitting, of course).


In fact, the oranges and pinks of the sunset are the inspiration behind the colour palette Emma is intending to create. As Shantelle drives around with Conners’ in his shit box car, their faces will be caught by the bright colours of the town centre, painting a unique picture of rural Australia.


Whilst Emma and Joshua were tracking down the perfect locations to shoot, Cherry Season producer Rosie Braye was drumming up support among Young local businesses for the week of production. When over twenty cast and crew arrive in Young, we have no doubt that the hospitality of the town will go a long way to help make Cherry Season a reality.


Joshua Longhurst, Emma Paine and Rosie Braye

Wintergarden Pictures is currently running a fundraising campaign for Cherry Season through the Australian Cultural Fundto ensure that the short film has enough money for its post production expenses. If you would like to show your support for this exciting new short film, please visit our ACF page. All donations are tax deductible, and your generous donation will go a long way to making a unique story.