‘Ding Dong I’m Gay’ Ringing Your Bell Soon!


A new comedy series arriving on your doorstep soon…

Coming soon from Wintergarden Pictures, Ding Dong I’m Gay is a hilarious new comedy series diving into the fantastical realities of bad sex, unwanted house-guests, the queer experience and hostile first-aid instructors.

Whilst launching a gay app, an overachieving people-pleaser reluctantly takes on the role of hopeless fairy godmother when his newly out-and-proud cousin arrives on his doorstep looking for somewhere to belong.


Toby, Cameron’s cousin from Yass

After moving to Sydney and coming out, Cameron was certain he would be flooded with invitations to parties in tasteful apartments and weekends away with jaw-lined boyfriends who could fly planes and knew CPR. Now, ten years later, Cameron’s hopes and dreams have flatlined. He suspects his pregnant neighbour is stealing his Wi-Fi and his Chinese student flatmate may or may not be a secret agent. When Cameron’s hopelessly naive cousin from Yass arrives with the news that he too is gay, Cameron takes it upon himself to become his gay guru and right the wrongs that were visited upon him by contemporary gay life.

Ding Dong I’m Gay is a comedy web series directed by Sarah Bishop (Skit Box, Wham Bam Thank you ‘Mam) and written by Tim Spencer (Oasis, Cherry Season) and Zoe Norton Lodge (ABC’s The Checkout).

The campaign to spread the word has started and we’re so excited for audiences to see what we’ve passionately been working on… Follow the Ding Dong I’m Gay Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates and subscribe to the YouTube channel to see new episodes SOON!


Coming Soon!

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