Frank leads a quiet life in the suburbs of Adelaide with his wheelchair bound housemate and clandestine lover, Peter. When Frank is conscripted to World War II, Peter is determined to avoid institutionalisation and retain his privacy in his own home.

Peter feverishly prepares himself for an uncertain future but ignores Frank’s anxiety about his new life in the army. As their delicate relationship begins to crumble, Peter admits his genuine need for Frank as he realises his dream of independence may result in a life of solitude.

Wilco is a delicate and spirited short film that presents a unique perspective of disability and sexuality in the mid-20th Century. It is directed by Laura Nagy (Bodies), written by Tim Spencer (Oasis) and produced by Rosie Braye and Joshua Longhurst. It is currently in pre-production and will be shot in 2018. It is a part of a larger story to be developed into a feature film, The Napoleon.